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With us you will easily go through all the phases of creating a beautiful garden. Describe your needs and preferences and our team of landscape architects will develop a project, prepare plans and visualizations. Next, our landscapers will install the project, according to all the guidelines under the designer’s supervision. We will also take care of your garden in the course of time so it will continue to grow and look beautiful.

projektowanie ogrodów

Garden Design

Garden Design The process of designing a garden is a creative phase, which we enjoy the most. We carefully listen to the needs and taste of our clients and support them with our knowledge and experience. This results in a stylish, customized project, which fully meets the expectations of the investor.

kompleksowa realizacja

Comprehensive Installation

We are practitioners, therefore we design only the ideas that are feasible and fulfill their purpose. Entrusting us with the garden installation guarantees the best quality of plants and materials selected for the project, while maintaining the high standard of technology and esthetics.

serwis pielęgnacyjny

Maintenance Service

In order to have a garden that pleases the eye all year round, some care treatment is needed. We help you by providing regular garden maintenance, as well as seasonal services, which includes the irrigation system maintenance and plants’ protection for winter.


Garden design has been our passion for over 25 years. We have devoted this time to gain priceless experience and continuously improve our skills. All the projects we have completed so far are proving our professionalism and creativity. While preparing projects we make every effort to meet clients’ expectation. We like challenges, they are an opportunity to create unique and beautiful things. Working with us means detailed discussions on every phase of the process and coming up with optimal solutions. It also guarantees that the project will be fully practical and esthetically in accordance with the design brief. Our commitment in the creation process results in unique gardens , that please and delight their owners.

Very often telephone conversations start with a question about the price of the project and its implementation. A garden design is not a ready factory product – we treat every assignment individually. To answer this question, we need information about the lot size, its location and expected functions. Email us, attach some photos and a plan or a survey of your garden. Basing on this information, we will prepare an individual offer for the design works, including a concept project, technical drawings, lighting and irrigation plans and visualizations.

Once you accept our offer, we will arrange a site visit and discuss all essential details. We will talk about your expectations from the project and together we will come up with a rough idea and set a planned budget. This meeting allows us to learn more about you, your style and needs. During this site-visit we prepare a site inventory, take all necessary measurements and photos.

After all essential details are discussed, we begin the process of the project design. We will prepare not only a concept plan with a proposed functional division, plants and hardscapes, but also a presentation and visualizations of the most interesting views. The presentation shows inspirational photos of proposed elements, plants or furniture. After all the mentioned documents are prepared, we meet to discuss the concept and all the details. The presentation takes place at our office, where we are equipped with essential samples and catalogs. During the meeting, we adjust and change necessary aspects, to meet your expectations.

After the meeting, the Investor has time to review the concept drawing and discuss possible adjustments. After all the changes are approved by the client, we start to work on the project documentation. We prepare concept project, technical drawing with planting plan, irrigation and lighting plans, visualizations, detailed plant list and project description. The description contains additional information, not shown on the plans and maintenance specifications for each of proposed elements.

Once we have the full project documentation done and the estimate approval, we will begin the process of the project execution. Our company comprehensively install all the elements of the project in the garden, including utility systems installation, bed and lawn preparations, planting or hardscape and outdoor structures installation. During the whole process we make sure that everything is performed in accordance with the standards while maintaining the expected esthetic. After all, the garden should bring joy to its owners for many years.


  • “Zieleń Bez Granic” is a wonderful family business. I am thrilled with the pleasant atmosphere, professionalism, customer friendly approach! I would whole-heartedly recommend this company. They really put the client’s satisfaction first. All the employees are very friendly. I wish there were more companies like this!!!

  • Very reliable and professional company, I highly recommend! Mrs. Hanna Irek and her team have done an amazing makeover of our old garden in a terraced house, creating an elegant and modern space filled with beautiful plants and outdoor structures. The whole installation was performed very fast, smooth and clean, it was disruptive neither for us nor our neighbors. During the project execution all our concerns and wishes were instantly implemented. We had a great contact with Mrs. Hanna and her staff at all the phases of the project!

  • I sincerely recommend services of “Zieleń Bez Granic” to anyone. The contact with the owner was problem-free, she was always willing to answer our questions. The project, that was prepared for us, was amazing and we accepted it without any comments. The installation has been delivered on the highest level.